Circle of Light

by Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa

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Songs of the spirit for people on the path of love, meditation and awareness. Includes many of the songs we play at our concerts. The album is dedicated to the enlightened mystic Osho.


released March 1, 2011

Music written by Sambodhi Prem, played by Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa. Painting: 'Moonrise: Recipients of Light' by Sandipa.




Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa Daylesford, Australia

We make music from a meditative perspective - leaving some space in the music for silence to emerge and to be felt.

In music and in life we like to listen to the gaps of silence between the sounds.

We love music that is played from a place of 'not knowing' - improvisation and listening is important to us in music.

We like to make the world a little more beautiful before we leave.
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Track Name: Sweetness
Sweetness - Sambodhi Prem

Take it from the wind, leave it with the sun
and when my life is over then, I'll be gone

Catch me if you can, is what I heard you say
And I see you floating through my space

I never seem to wonder why the road never bends
You never have to ask me who I am

Care for me somehow, share with me this love
and you will find the secret of your soul
and I will find the sweetness of your soul
Track Name: Into the empty sky
Into the empty sky

Feel the wind blowing,
See the sun in your eyes
We are flying into the empty sky
Track Name: Sambodhi Prem & Sandipa with Puawai Ormsby - Arohanui - Call me with the Light of Love
Arohanui - Call me with the Light of Love

Call me with the light of love
Call me with the calling of the wind
Call me with the fall of flames
Call me with the calling of your wings

There is so much love where I am entering in
In this silent space I feel the light return
And you embracing me is all there is

When you call the light returns
Drifting on an open, endless sea
When I stand here on the earth
Your light is shining endlessly
Track Name: As Wide as the Wind
As wide as the wind

I have heard some words somewhere
they had traveled on a feather
some fragments of poetry
some distant and ancient light

I took those words and wrote a song
Loosely fitted like a cloak
with patterns that are not my own
but with intentions that are pure and bright, it said…

May your heart be as wide as the wind
May the sea glisten like the greenstone
May the shimmer of summer forever cross your path
And may lightness and love be your footsteps

So many times we hear some words
And build our worlds around them
Misconstrue what people say
conclusions that bring us pain

But go to a place inside of you
where lightness lost the darkness
to be there, where all is clear
to know that you're in your heart

A weary traveller takes a few more steps
On the road less travelled
He sees the birth of spring
In the woods where the poet sings, he sings…
Track Name: The Midas Touch
The Midas Touch

You've got the Midas touch
Hold me in your arms forever more
Lifting me so high
Keep me in your spheres forever more

And I feel your presence so divine
And I'm silently awakening
Wait until I see, your light is shining bright.

I know that I can not see the whole
But even a part of you is almost too much to bear
Because you've got so much love
And you're ready to give it to me, without asking anything in return

And I see your presence so divine
In everyone I'm meeting, cascading through the air
your light is shining bright
Track Name: My eyes slowly open
My eyes slowly open

My eyes slowly open

I touch your lips and beauty flows
from your eyes, I see the sun without looking at the sun
I feel the earth without looking at the earth

My eyes slowly open into your world

I feel you heart and a cool wind starts blowing
What a delight!

What more can I wish to be
Not being afraid
Waking from my dreams

My eyes slowly open
Floating in a dreamless sleep
My eyes slowly open
Becoming mountain high and river deep

There's one thing I came to understand
That my eyes slowly open
to be your friend
Track Name: What if…
What if…

Where the wind is on the rise
Nowhere to run to now
Where the sound is in the air
Feel it everywhere

When the wings of love are here
Spreading everywhere
You can disappear in truth
Go on, give it a try!

What if love is holding out its hand?
What if life is all you really have?

Let this love grow strong.